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Craig Hickman



Thank you for the opportunity to show you some of the web sites with which I have been associated.     Here they are:

Jim Hickman's Genealogy site

This features ancestors from my parents' families, among others.

 Descendants Charts

tballRobert_E._Burnett tballGeorg_Jacob_Heckmann tballMyrtle_Hickman tballJohn_Payne tballWilliam_Sylvester_Rowe tballConrad_Byers

These ancestors are the earliest ones that I have record of in each of the Burnett, Byers, Hickman (was Heckmann), Rowe and Payne Families.     I have included Byers because I came across work that someone had done some time ago and it seemed sad if this work would go unnoticed.

  Other Genealogy Researchers

Links to other researchers are provided for each of the four families;
tballBurnett tballHickman tballPayne tballRowe

One researrcher is particularly worth mentioning.    He is Don Hickman, who has described the immigration and migration of the tball Heckmann/ Hickman family from Mörzheim, Germany to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.    My branch of the family moved from there to Grand Junction, Colorado.    Don has done a wonderful job!

 Newspaper Clippings;

Throughout the years my grandmother, mother, aunts and others clipped newspaper clippings about events and things that they considered noteworthy.    These clippings usually found themselves in a drawer somewhere.    I thought that I would post them on the site, since they might be of interest to others.    Since technology has advanced, some of the later clippings are actually not scanned clippings as the earlier ones, but regular HTML files produced by the newspapers or other publisher and made available in that form.     They have been divided into four groups.

tballBurnett_Clippings tball Hickman_Clippings tball Payne_Clippings tballRowe_Clippings

  The Timeline

tballThe Timeline attempts to blend world history with the immigration and migration of the Burnett, Heckmann/ Hickman, Payne and Rowe families.    Hopefully, this will help relate the reader to what is happening in the world as the familys move.

The Nordrhein-Westfalen GenWeb Site

The tballNordrhein-Westfalen (Northrhine-Westphalia) GenWeb site is part of the World GenWeb Project and is intended for those searching for ancestors from the region in Germany where this German state now exists.    It is closely related to the Ancestry.com NRW Query Board, for those who wish to post their NRW ancestors or search for therir NRW ancestors.    The site has been around for a long time, so there there is a section of tballOlder Queries which were posted between January, 1970 and June, 1998 when Queries were processed in a different way and serves as a kind of archive.   

This site is full of links to personal websites and geniological websites in the US and NRW, many in German.    There is information about the older regions which comprise this part of Germany and the present Governmental Districts and Counties of NRW.

The Picture Gallery

The Gallery is simply a collection of pictures taken over the years and very "loosely" organized.    They are:

tballThe first album of assorted pictures tballChristmas, 2000 tballPictures from Las Vegas tballPictures from the Brown Residence tballMore Pictures from the Brown Residence tballRon Hall's Scrapbook tballJune & Lindsay's Galllery tballPictures I like by Audrey Hall


The Mitte-West Site is physically located in Burbach, Germany.    With this site I hope to better communicate with native Germans about genealogy, history, etc.    The different divisions are:

tballDas Dorf, Eckmannshausen tballNachkommen von Georg Jacob Heckmann tballZeittafel zur Geschichte, a kind of German version of the Timeline described above.


tballThis site is presently under construction.    It has to do with my interests in colmology and basic research.    While waiting for its compleation, please check the links in the left pannel.

Thanks for the opportunity to show you my pages.    I look forward to having you contact me!