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John Payne Immigrated from England ABT 1653 to Lancaster Co., VA.    He is the earliest known ascestor for lineage 1D in the Payme DNA Project Chart     He acquired land on Pepetic Creek on the North Neck of Virginia, that region between the Potomac and Rappahonnock Rivers.    He built his plantation there which was called "Red House".    For more about him see Paynes of America and Notes to Payne Family DNA Project (PDF format).    This family line stayed in Virginia until General John Payne moved to Scott County KY.     The family line migrated then to Howard Co., MO, then to Grand Junction, Colorado, Where Coral Payne Married George Bert Hickman.    They then moved to Klamath County, OR where they leased the Allison ranch, near Midland, OR.

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Hickman Houses Spring Lake Valley Fruitvale Sedalia Scott County Red House USA Just click on the areas with pins on the map to see a closer map of the area. The pulsating 'Migration Tracking Ball'(Migration Tracking Ball) found by the name of John Payne and some of his descendants are pointers east to west and to the present time.


A word about links: If a child is a link, that child is also a parent and clicking on it will take you to the child's parental entry (blue). The parental entry will include a line of descendency in paren. "( )" to the right of that person's name. That person's parent (the first item in the series) will be a link to the parent's entry.

Migration Tracking Ball 1. John Payne #574 b. ABT 1615, England, occupation Ship Owner, Carpenter, m. Margaret UNKNOWN #578, also known as: Possibly Jennings b. ABT 1620, Rappahannock, VA, d. AFT 1674, Old Rappahannock, VA. John died BEF 1690, Old Rappahannock Co., VA, buried: 1690, "Red House", Cedar Hill., Westmoreland.


i Richard Payne #575 b. 1633, m. Millicent UNKNOWN #622. Richard died 1696.

ii George Payne #576 b. 1653, m. Jane White #623, (daughter of Thomas White #1002). . George died 1711, Richnond Co. VA.

iii John Payne #577 b. ABT 1639, m. 1668, Ann Walker #624, married 1668, (daughter of John Walker #1000 and Sarah _______ #1001). John died 1669, Old Rappahannock Co. VA.

6. iv William Migration Tracking Ball #581 b. BEF 1652.

v Margaret Payne #1095.

Second Generation

Richard Payne #575, (1.John1) b. 12 May 1633 in "Round Tower", Northumberland Co., VA, d. 1696 in Cedar Hill, VA.    He is an ascestor to Dolly Payne Madison #1087.

He married Millicent UNKNOWN #622.


i William Payne #1056 b. ABT 1660.

ii John Payne #1094.

Migration Tracking Ball6.William Payne #581 (1.John1) b. BEF 1652, Fairfax, VA, m. (1) 1688, in Westmoreland Co. VA, Francis Clement #582, m. (2) 1691, in Westmoreland Co. VA, Elizabeth Pope #584,(daughter of Humphrey Pope #1099 and Elizabeth Hawkins #1100) d. 1716 in Westmoreland Co. VA b. 16-Jun-1667, d. 1716, Westmoreland Co. VA. William died 23 Feb 1698, Cople Parish Co. VA, buried: Yeocomico, Church, Westmoreland, VA.

Child by Francis Clement:

i Anne Payne #583 b. ABT 1689, Westmoreland Co. VA, d. BEF 1712, Westmoreland Co. VA.
Children by Elizabeth Pope:
7. ii William #163 b. 08-10-1692.

iii Edward Payne #585 b. ABT 1693, Westmoreland Co. VA, d. 1702.

iv Elizabeth Payne #586 b. ABT 1695, d. AFT 1728.

v Mary Payne #587 b. ABT 1697, Westmoreland Co. VA, d. AFT 1724.

George Payne #576, (1.John1) b. 1653 in Bristol, England, d. 1711 in Richnond Co., VA.

He married (1) Jane White #623, also known as In POV revered to as Miss White, married ABT 1670 in Richnond, VA, b. ABT 1650, (daughter of Thomas White #1002.


i John Payne #1008, b. ABT 1696 in Richnond Co., VA, d. ABT 1772 in King George Co., VA.

He married Anne Jones #1013.

ii George Payne #1009.

iii Thomas Payne #1010.

iv William Payne #1011, b. ABT 1702 in Richmond, VA, d. ABT 1796 in King George, VA.

He married Mary Jones #1167, married ABT 1732 in King George, VA, b. ABT 1702 in Muddy Creek, King George, VA, d. BEF 1770 in King George, VA.


v Jane Payne #1012.

He married (2) Jane White #623, also known as In POV revered to as Miss White, b. ABT 1650, (daughter of Thomas White #1002 and UNKNOWN #1003).

Margaret Payne #1095, (1.John1).

She married John Sr. Jennings #1096, b. 22 May 1640 in St. Martin's Parish, Birmingham.


i William Sr. Jennings #1097, b. ABT 1668 in Rappahannoeck Co., VA, d. in Richmond Co., VA.

married Mary Willoughby #1098.

Third Generation

William Payne #1056, (Richard2, 1.John1) b. ABT 1660 in Westmoreland, VA, d. 1726 in Lancaster Co., VA.

He married Susannah Merriman #1057, b. in Westmoreland, VA.


i Margaret Payne #1058.

ii Willliam Jr. Payne #1059.

He married Judith Wood #1064.


iii Richard Payne #1060.

iv Susannah Payne #1061.

v John Payne #1062.

vi George Payne #1063 b. 1680.

Migration Tracking Ball7. William Payne #163 (6.William6, 1.John1) b. 08-10-1692, Westmoreland Co. VA, m. (1) 17-Feb-1712/13, in Richmond Co VA, Alicia Jones #164 (daughter of Edward Jones #1161), d. 05-17-1806, m. (2) 03-01-1763, in Fairfax Co. VA, Ann Jennings #165, (daughter of Daniel Jennings #654) b. 0228-1740, d. 05-11-1827. William died 08-24-1776, Fairfax Co. VA.

Children by Alicia Jones:

i William Payne #169 b. 07-31-1724, m. Susannah Clark #172, b. 12-17-1721, d. 02-22-1771. William died 07-12-1782.

ii Edward Payne #168 b. 11-18-1762, m. Ann Holland Conyers, Lady #171, b. 08-23-1728. Edward died 05-17-1806.

iii Sanford Payne #170.

iv Anne Payne #580.

Children by Ann Jennings:

v JohnMigration Tracking Ball #129 b. 9-Apr-1764.

vi Millred Payne #166 m. M. Riley #167.

vii UNKNOWN Daughter #579.

Fourth Generation

George Payne #1063,(William3, Richard2, 1.John1) b. 1680 in Sittingbourne , Rappahanock Co., VA, d. 1744 in Goochland Co., VA.

He married Mary Woodson #1065, married 30 Oct 1704 in Goochland Co., VA, b. 1670 in Curles Plantation, Henrico, VA, d. 1744 in VA.


i George Payne #1068, b. 1070, d. 1784.

ii Josias Payne #1067 b. 30 Oct 1705.

iii Robert Payne #1066, b. 1709.

iv John Payne #1069, b. 1713, d. 1784.

Sanford Payne #170, (William3, 3.William2, 1.John1).

He married Abigail Lay #1164.


i Sanford Payne #1163, b. ABT 1770.

Migration Tracking Ball8. John Payne (General John Payne) #129 (7.William3, 6.William2, 1.John1) b. 9-Apr-1764, Fairfax Co., VA, m (1) Betsy Johnson #130, b. 1772, (daughter of Robert Johnson #131 and Jemima Suggett #132) d. 1845. m (2) Sallie Vance #1153, b. ABT 1768 in Fairvax, VA, John died 9-Sep-1837, Scott Co. KY.


i Asa Payne #143 b. 03-19-1788, m. Theodosia Turner #154. Asa died 07-10-1887.

9. ii Thomas JeffersonMigration Tracking Ball #127 b. 3--Feb-1804.

iii Robert Payne #144 m. Maria Williams#155.

iv Nancy Payne #145 m. Charles Thompson #160.

v John Payne #146 m. Mary Stevenson #156.

vi Betsey Payne #147 m. Uriel Sebree #161, (son of _______ Sebree #990).

vii Newton Payne #148 m. Louisia Nuchols #157.

viii William J. Payne #149.

ix Franklin Payne #150 m. Polly Rogers #159.

x Richard Payne #151.

xi Cyrus Payne #152.

xii Emilene Payne #153 m. James Peak #162.

Fifth Generation

Josias Payne #1067, (George4, William3, Richard2, 1.John1) b. 30 Oct 1705 in Goochland Co., VA, d. 1785 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.

He married Anna Fleming #1070, also known as Anne Fleming, married 1732 in Goochland Co., VA, b. 1705.


i Agnes Payne #1071.

ii Anna Payne #1072.

iii William Payne #1073, b. 1731, d. 1822.

iv George Payne #1074, b. 1734, d. 1807.

v Josias Jr. Payne #1075, b. 1735.

vi Susanna Payne #1076, b. 1737.

vii Robert Payne #1077, b. 1738, d. 1791.

13. viii John Payne #1078 b. 1740.

Migration Tracking Ball 9. Thomas Jefferson Payne #127 (8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William2, 1.John1) b. 3-Feb-1804, Scott Co., KY, m. (1) 25 Jan 1828 in Fayette Co., KY Latitia Thompson #158. m. (2) 14 Apr 1841, Mary Jane Wright #128, Thomas died 2--Jan-1880.

Children by Mary Jane Wright:

i Polly Payne #995 b.1842 in Scott Co., KY m Asa James Kirby #998, 1872, d. 4 Mar 1889. d 22-May-1917.

ii Bettie Payne #996 b. 1843 in Scott Co., KY m Richard Irvin #999, 1863. .

iii Letitia Payne #997 b. in Scott Co. KY.

10. iv Franklin Sr.Migration Tracking Ball #82 b. 5-17-1847 in Howard Co Missouri.

Sixth Generation

John Payne #1078, (Josias5, George4, William3, Richard2, John1) b. 1740, d. 1792.

He married Mary Coles #1079, married ABT 1764 in New Gardens, Guilford, NC, b. ABT 1740, d. 8 Feb 1808 in Clarksburg Harrison WV.


i Philadelphia Payne #1080.

ii Anna Payne #1084, b. 1759, d. 1832.

iii Walter Payne #1085, b. 1762.

iv Isaac Payne #1083.

v William Temple Payne #1086, b. 1766.

15. vi Dorothea Payne #1087 b. 2 May 1768.

vii Lucy Payne #1081, b. 1769.

viii John Coles Payne #1088, b. 1782.

ix Mary Payne #1082, b. 1807.

Franklin Sr. Payne Rose A. Allison Migration Tracking Ball10.Franklin Sr. Payne. #82, refered to as Frank Payne (9.Thomas5, 8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William2 1.John1) b. 5-17-1847, Howard Co, Missouri. m. (1) Annis Morris #620, b. EST 1849, d. EST 1883. m. (2) 19-Feb-1885, Rose A. Allison #124, b. 28 Feb 1859, Sedalia, MO, daughter of Thomas William Allison #719 and Nancy Orr #720, d. 7 Sep 1941, Klamath Falls, OR, buried: 9 Sep 1941, Mt. Laki Cemetery, Klamath Co., OR. Frank died 6 Mar 1914 at his home on Kannah Creek, near Grand Junction, CO. † Click here to see his obituraies.

Children by Annis Morris:

i Jeff Payne #1209 b AFT 1870.

ii Clarence Payne #1210 b. AFT 1870.

iii Willie Payne #1211 b AFT 1870.

Children by Rose A. Allison:

11. i Franklin A. Jr. Payne #83 b 5-Jan-1896 d Aug 1970.

12. ii Coral Elisabeth PayneMigration Tracking Ball #7 b. 15-Jan-1888.

Seventh Generation

Dorothea Payne #1087, also known as Dolly Todd Payne Madison, (John6, Josias5, George4, William3, Richard2, John1) b. 2 May 1768, d. 12 Jul 1849 in Washington DC, buried: in Montpelier, Orange, VA.


She married (1) John Todd #1089, married 7 Jan 1790 in Philadelphia, PA, b. ABT 1764 in Pensylvania, d. Nov 1793 in Philadelphia, PA.


i John Payne Todd #1090, b. 1792.

She married (2) James Jr. Madison #1091, married 15 Sep 1794 in Harewood, Jefferson Co., VA, b. 16 Mar 1751 in Port Conway, Prince George, VA, (son of James Madison #1092 and Eleanor Rose Conway #1093) occupation 4th President of U.S., d. 28 Jun 1836 in Montpelier, Orange, VA.

Franklin Jr. Payne Doris Palmer Payne11.Franklin Payne Jr. #83 (10.Franklin6, 9.Thomas5, 8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William2, 1.John1) b 5-Jan-1896 m. (1) 23 Mar 1919 Wilna Adamson #96, m. (2) 13-Nov-1936. Doris Palmer #99, b. 19-Aug-1906, Santa Monica, CA, (daughter of Warren Palmer #588 and Myrtle UNKNOWN #589) occupation Author, d. 6-Jun-1997, Klamath Falls, OR, buried: Mt. Shadow Cemetary, Sonora. Click here to see her Newspaper Clippings.
Franklin died Aug 1970.

Children by Wilna Adamson:

i Ward #97.

13. ii Coral #98 b. 9-Oct-1920.

Coral Elisabeth Payne George Bert Hickman Migration Tracking Ball12.Coral Elisabeth Payne #7 (10.Franklin6, 9.Thomas5, 8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William2, 1.John1) b. 15-Jan-1888, Howard Co., Missouri (Picture, about 1909). Click here to see her Newspaper Clippings.
m. (1) 8-Jul-1908, in Clifton Colo., Mesa County, George Bert Hickman #6, b. 1884, Clay County, Ia., near Spencer, (son of George Washington Hickman #1 and Phena Samantha Reeves #2) occupation Farmer, d. 28-Dec-1910, Klamath Falls, OR, Allison Ranch 10PM, buried: 1910, City Cemetary, Klamath Falls, OR.

Coral Elisabeth Payne, picture in abt. 1964. James Ward Dolan in abt. 1964.
Click here to see her Newspaper Clippings.
m. (2) 14 Aug 1913, in Home of E. W. Gowen, James Ward Dolan #84, b. 1-11-1883, Harrisonville, Missouri, (son of John Rector Dolan #125 and Lucinda Jane Franse #126) occupation Sheep rancher, farmer, d. 7-11-1973, Klamath Falls, Oregon, buried: 7-13-1973, Mt. Laki Cemetary, Klamath Falls, OR. Coral died 6-Mar-1967, Klamath Falls, OR, buried: Klamath Falls, OR.

In 1913 Coral Elizabeth Payne #7married James Ward Dolan #84, who operated what was known as "the Thomas Martin Spring Lake Ranch". Lyle #8, her son lived with his mother and stepfather throughout his school years. Ward purchased the ranch on Spring Lake Road, adjoining the Martin ranch in 1918 and the family lived there. The Thomas Martin Ranch was purchased that year by the O'Conner brothers, John and Jerry. Ward and Coral had three daughters; Loraine #85, Rosemarie #86 and Betty #87 (1926).

Click here to learn about their return trip from Grand Junction to Klamath Falls.

Child by George Bert Hickman:

14. i Lyle RalphMigration Tracking Ball #8 b. 18-Apr-1909.
Children by James Ward Dolan:
15. ii Loraine #85.

iii Rosemarie #86.

iv Bette Jane #87 b. 11-23-1926, d. 20-Sep-2007.

Eighth Generation

Coral Payne
13.Coral Payne #98 (11.Franklin Jr.7, 10.Franklin Sr.6, 9.Thomas5, 8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William2, 1.John1)
b. 9-Oct-1920, Klamath Falls,OR, m. _______ Angus, her occupation Histopathologist, d. 8-Mar-1992, Klamath Falls in her home., buried: 12-Aug-1992, Klamath Cremation Service.

Click here to see her Newspaper Clippings.


i Daniel Angus #100.

ii Leah Angus #101.

Lyle Ralph Hickman
Migration Tracking Ball14.Lyle Ralph Hickman #8 (12.Coral7, 10.Franklin6, 9.Thomas5, 8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William2, 1.John1) b.18-Apr-1909, Grand Junction, Colo., occupation Lumber Technologist, m. 27-Jun-1931, in Klamath Falls, OR, Anna Lucille Burnett #9, b. 5-Mar-1912, Martinsburg, West Virginia, (daughter of James B. Burnett #10 and Veda Pearl Rowe #11) occupation Housewife, d. 20-Aug-1995, Portland, OR, buried: 27-Aug-1995, Portland, OR, Finleys, Lot 786 Space 6. Lyle died 26-May-1976, Portland, OR, buried: 1976, Portland, OR.

Click here to see his Newspaper Clippings.


18. i James LyleMigration Tracking Ball #28 b. 22-Jun-1938. < /a>

       ii Steven #182 b.1945 d. 1945 bur. Linkville Cem., Block 2 Lot 9 Plot C5.

19. iii Carol DianeMigration Tracking Ball #29 b. 31-Aug-1945.

20. iv Robert Craig Migration Tracking Ball #30 b. 4-Nov-1948.

Loraine Dolan #85 Dan Emrick #93 15.Loraine Dolan #85 (12.Coral7, 10.Franklin6, 9.Thomas5, 8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William2, 1.John1) m. (1) Dan Emrick #93, m. (2) *UNKNOWN* Bettencourt #593.

Children by Dan Emrick:

i Doris Emrick #94.

Rosemarie Dolan #86 Leland W. Blind  #95 Rosemarie Dolan #86 also known as: Rosemarie Blind (12.Coral7, 10.Franklin6, 9.Thomas5, 8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William2, 1.John1) m. 11 Dec 1948, Leland W. Blind #95, also known as: Lee Blind b. 21 Nov 1925, Bend, OR, (son of William Blind #727 and Amelia Radke #728) occupation Railroad Switchman, Tavern Owner, d. 22 Jun 1999, Plumb Ridge, Klamath Falls, OR.
Click here to see his Newspaper Clipping.


i William W. Blind #723 m. Coral _______ #726.
ii Pennie Blind #724 m. __________ Spackman #729.
iii Janice Blind #725 m. ___________ Martin #730.

Bette ar her parents' 50th anniversery. Clifford Leroy Phillips #91 16.Bette Jane Dolan #87 (12.Coral7, 10.Franklin6, 9.Thomas5, 8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William2, 1.John1) b. 11-23-1926, Klamath Falls, OR, m. (1) Harvey Kieth McLing #88, m. (2) 12-27-1951, in Carson City, NV, Clifford Leroy Phillips #91, b.24-Jan-1919, Denver, CO, (son of Opal Alvin Phillips #422 and Lydia Violet Trask #423) occupation Carpenter, d. 28-Jan-1994, Klamath Falls, OR, buried: Cremated, Klamath Cremation Service. Bette Died 20-Sep-2007 at Sky Lakes Medical Center, Klamath Falls, OR.
† Click here to see Bette's and Cliff's Obituaries.

Children by Harvey Kieth McLing:

James McLing i James "Jimmy Mac" McLing #89 b. 24 Mar 1947 Klamath Falls, OR occupation Owner of Jimmy Mac's Overtime Tavern, Eugene, OR m. 1995 Susan Trulock #425. James died 26 Jun 2001.
†Click here to see his Obituary.

ii Jerry McCling #90 m. Dawn #426.

Children by Clifford Leroy Phillips:
iii Joe Phillips #92 m. Melodee Solvason #427, (daughter of John Solvason #982 and Gloria _______ #983).

Ninth Generation

17.Leah Angus #101 (13.Coral8, 11.Frank7, 10.Franklin6, 9.Thomas5, 8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William21.John1) m. Marvin Stump #102.

17.5. i Kean Stump #103.

ii Kimberly Stump #104.

iii Kenn Stump #105.

Migration Tracking Ball 18.James Lyle Hickman #28 (14.Lyle8, 12.Coral7,10.Franklin6, 9.Thomas5, 8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William2 1.John1) b. 22-Jun-1938, Klamath Falls, OR, m. (1) 1961, in Portland, OR, Dian Hutchinson #35, m. (2) 18-Dec-1965, in Huntsville, AL, Wilma Earlene Kennamer #37, b. 1944, Huntsville, AL, (daughter of Willis Lafayette Kennamer #106 and Colice Stover #107) d. 22-Jan-1982, Huntsville, AL, m. (3) 8-Jan-1979, in Tualatin, OR, Josephine E. Van Fleet #40, m. (4) 4-Jul-1985, in Hillsboro, OR, Audrey Ruth Hall #435, b. 25-Aug-1925, Los Angeles, CA, occupation Nurse.

Child by Dian Hutchinson:
21. i Mark James BernerMigration Tracking Ball #36 b. 9-Mar-1962, San Francisco, CA.
Children by Wilma Earlene Kennamer:
ii Albert K. HickmanMigration Tracking Ball #38 b. 22-Jul-1967, New Orleans, LA.

iii James Lyle Jr. HickmanMigration Tracking Ball #39 b. 8-Sep-1974, Huntsville, AL.

Migration Tracking Ball19.Carol Diane Hickman #29 (14.Lyle8, 12.Coral7,10.Franklin6, 9.Thomas5, 8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William2 1.John1) b. 31-Aug-1945, Klamath Falls, OR, occupation Business, truck parts, m. (1) in Portland, OR, Charles Selbee #31, b. 27-Aug-1942, occupation Hairdresser, m. (2) in Portland, OR, Larry St. Pierre #34.
Children by Charles Selbee:
i Matthew SelbeeMigration Tracking Ball #32 b. 8-Nov-1966, Portland, OR.

ii Craig Michael SelbeeMigration Tracking Ball #33 b. 17-Jan-1971, Portland, OR. m. 30-Aug-2003 Sara Katherine Stafford #1157, Portland,OR.

Migration Tracking Ball20.Robert Craig Hickman #30 (14.Lyle8, 12.Coral7,10.Franklin6, 9.Thomas5, 8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William2 1.John1) b. 4-Nov-1948, Klamath Falls, OR, occupation University Professor, m. Sept. 8, 1979, in Arboritum, Portland, OR, Kathryn Diane Kruger #41 (daughter of Elmar Kruger #857 and Elizabeth Ann Parks


i Benjamin Lyle HickmanMigration Tracking Ball #42 b. 6-Aug-1986, Eugene, OR.

ii Arthur William Hickman Migration Tracking Ball #43 b. 10-Aug-1991, Eugene, OR.

Tenth Generation

17.5.Kean Stump #103 (17.Leah9, 13.Coral8, 11.Frank7, 10.Franklin6, 9.Thomas5, 8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William21.John1) m. Lissa Elhindi #1256.

17.5. i Sophia Elhindi #1257.

ii Gavin Elhindi #1258.

Mark James BernerMarion Whittemore
Migration Tracking Ball 21. Mark James Berner #36 (18. James9, 14. Lyle 8, 12.Coral7,10.Franklin6, 9.Thomas5, 8.John4, 7.William3, 6.William2 1.John1)
b. 9-Mar-1962, San Francisco, CA, m. Marion Whittemore #1201 b. 17 Sep 1966, Gailsburg, IL.


i Lindsay #1206 b. 18 Jan 1990, Escondido, CA.
ii Katherine Dian #1202 b. 23 Aug 2005, Joshua Tree, CA.
Katherine (Katie) Dian

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