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Hickman Houses Spring Lake Valley MD, VA, PA USA Just click on the areas with pins on the map to see a closer map of the area. The pulsating 'Migration Tracking Ball'(Migration Tracking Ball) found by the name of William Sylvester Rowe and some of his descendants are pointers east to west and to the present time.


A word about links: If a child is a link, that child is also a parent and clicking on it will take you to the child's parental entry (blue). The parental entry will include a line of descendency in paren. "( )" to the right of that person's name. That person's parent (the first item in the series) will be a link to the parent's entry.

William Sylvester Rowe
1. Migration Tracking Ball William Sylvester Rowe #60 b. 10 March, 1861, occupation Farmer, Shepherdstown WV, retired to Sharpsburg, MD, m. Marry Anna Hammersley #61, d. 23 Dec 1912. m.(2) _______ Houser #900, unknown date. William died 4 Oct 1941, Hagerstown MD, Saturday, buried: Fairview Cemetery, Keedsville, MD.
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Children by Marry Anna Hammersley:

2. i Minnie Grove #63 b. 7 Feb 1889.

3. ii Mabel Rowe #62.

iii Roy Rowe #64.

4. iv Veda Pearl #11 b. 1-Dec-1890.

5. v Golden (Golldie) #112.

6. vi Earl Sylvester #65 b. 1-Jan-1894.


Second Generation

Minnie Grove Rowe Charles Walter Fisher 2. Minnie Grove Rowe #63 (1. William1) b. 7 Feb 1889, m. Charles Walter Fisher #70, b. 6 Jan 1893, d. 30 Mar 1965, buried: Hillcrest Cemetery. Minnie died 5 Jul 1948, buried: Hillcrest Cemetery.
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7. i Charles Maynard #71 b. 9 Feb 1918.

8. iii William Rowe #73 b. 25 Jun 1922.

9. ii Earl Lee #72 b. 19 Oct 1924.

10. iv Norma Virginia #74 b. 14 Oct 1930.


Mabel Rowe W. Eston Boone 3. Mabel Rowe #62 (1. William1) married W. Eston Boone #614.


William (Billy) #615.


Veda Pearl Rowe James B. Burnett 4. Migration Tracking Ball Veda Pearl Rowe #11 (1. William1) b. 1-Dec-1890, m. (1) James B. Burnett #10, b. 22-Jul-1886, Kearneysville, West Virginia, (son of William Henery Burnett #13 and Orra Jennie Whittington #14) occupation Farmer, d. 22-Jul-1942, Klamath Falls, OR, buried: 25-Jul-1942, Linkville Cemetery, Klamath Falls, OR. Click here to see his Newspaper Clippings. m. (2) 15-Apr-1946, in Reno, NV, Lewis Botens Sr. #116, b. 25-Feb-1883, Narrowsburg, NY, occupation Rancher, member school bd, d. 26-Apr-1946, Klamath Falls, OR, buried: 30-Apr-1946, Linkville Cemetary, Klamath Falls, OR. Click here to see his Newspaper Clippings. Veda (Pearl) died 23-Apr-1983, Tualatin, OR, buried: Klamath Falls, OR.

Child by James Burnett:

11. i Anna Lucille #9 b. 5-Mar-1912.


Golden Rowe 5. Golden (Goldie) Rowe #112 (1. William1) m. Harry Allen Tennant #113.


i Gladdys Elizabeth Tennant #114 m. in Methodist Epispical Ch., Shepheardstown, Robert Lucien Maddex #115. Click here to see her Newspaper Clipping.

ii Anita Tennant #1049


6. Earl Sylvester Rowe #65 (1. William1) b. 1-Jan-1894, Shephersdtown, WV, occupation Farmer, Jefferson Co., m. Charlotte Carter #66. Earl died 14-Jun-1962, King's Daughters Hosp., Martinsburg, WV.
Click here to see his Newspaper Clipping.


i William Sylvester Rowe #67.

ii Dorthy E. Rowe #68.

iii Mary Cathrine Rowe #69 d. 28-Dec-1929.
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Third Generation

7. Charles Maynard Fisher #71 (2.Minnie2, 1.William1) b. 9 Feb 1918, m. 27 Dec 1940, Marian Ellen Armbruster #75, b. 5 Jul 1920, d. 3 Nov 1997. Charles died 1 Feb 1997, buried: Hillcrest Cemetery. Click here to see his Newspaper Clipping.


12. i Judith Ann #594 b. 2 Feb 1942.


8. William Rowe Fisher #73 (2.Minnie2, 1.William1) b. 25 Jun 1922, m. 27 Mar 1947, Ramona M Rinker #606. William died 18 Jun 1968.


i Rodney Fisher #604.

ii Denise Fisher #605.


9. Lee Fisher #72 (2.Minnie2, 1.William1) b. 19 Oct 1924, m. 24 Oct 1942, Lucy M. Vanmeter #607.


i Philiss Fisher #608.

ii Bill Lee Fisher #609.

iii George Fisher #610.


10. Norma Virginia Fisher #74 (2.Minnie2, 1.William1) b. 14 Oct 1930, m. Marvin Brent Coleman #592.


i Jeffrey Coleman #611.

ii Keith Coleman #612.

iii Brenda Coleman #613.


11. Migration Tracking Ball Anna Lucille Burnett #9 (4.Veda2, 1.William1) b. 5-Mar-1912, Martinsburg, West Virginia, occupation Housewife, m. (1) 27-Jun-1931, in Klamath Falls, OR, Lyle Ralph Hickman #8, b. 18-Apr-1909, Grand Junction, Colo., (son of George Bert Hickman #6 and Coral Elisabeth Payne #7) occupation Lumber Technologist, d. 26-May-1976, Portland, OR, buried: 1976, Portland, OR, m. (2) 23-May-1979, in Reno, NV, Silver Bells Chapel, Alva Gilbert Carman #111, son of Alvam Carman #895 and Dorthy Alexander #896 b. Sep-26-1916, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, occupation Sign Man, d. Jan-01-1995, V. A. Hospital, Portland, OR, buried: Willamette Cemetary. Anna died 20-Aug-1995, Portland, OR, buried: 27-Aug-1995, Portland, OR, Finleys, Lot 786 Space 6.

Children by Lyle Hickman:

13. i James Lyle #28 b. 22-Jun-1938.

      ii Steven #182 b.1945 d. 1945 bur. Linkville Cem., Block 2 Lot 9 Plot C5.

14. iii Carol Diane #29 b. 31-Aug-1945.

15. iv Robert Craig #30 b. 4-Nov-1948.


Fourth Generation

12. Judith Ann Fisher #594 (7.Charles3, 2.Minnie2, 1.William1) b. 2 Feb 1942, m. 17 Jun 1967, Charles Sawin White #596, b. 12 Apr 1931.


16. i Charles Sawin White, Jr. #600 b. 9 Apr 1969.

ii Steven Tobias White #601 b. 23 Mar 1975.

17. iii Andrew Fisher White #602 b. 5 Aug 1972.


13. Migration Tracking Ball James Lyle Hickman #28 (11.Anna3, 4.Veda2, 1.William1) b. 22-Jun-1938, Klamath Falls, OR, m. (1) 1961, in Portland, OR, Dian Hutchinson #35, m. (2) 18-Dec-1965, in Huntsville, AL, Wilma Earlene Kennamer #37, b. 1944, Huntsville, AL, (daughter of Willis Lafayette Kennamer #106 and Colice Stover #107) d. 22-Jan-1982, Huntsville, AL, m. (3) 8-Jan-1979, in Tualatin, OR, Josephine E. Van Fleet #40, m. (4) 4-Jul-1985, in Hillsboro, OR, Audrey Ruth Hall #435, b. 25-Aug-1925, Los Angeles, CA, occupation Nurse.

Child by Dian Hutchinson:

18. i Migration Tracking Ball Mark James Berner #36 b. 9-Mar-1962, San Francisco, CA.

Children by Wilma Kennamer:

ii Albert K. Hickman #38 b. 22-Jul-1967, New Orleans, LA.

iii James Lyle Hickman, Jr. #39 b. 8-Sep-1974, Huntsville, AL.


14. Migration Tracking Ball Carol Diane Hickman #29 (11.Anna3, 4.Veda2, 1.William1) b. 31-Aug-1945, Klamath Falls, OR, m. (1) in Portland, OR, Charles Selbee #31, b. 27-Aug-1942, occupation Hairdresser, m. (2) in Portland, OR, Larry St. Pierre #34.

Children by Charles Selbee:

i Matthew Selbee #32 b. 8-Nov-1966, Portland, OR.

ii Craig Michael Selbee #33 b. 17-Jan-1971, Portland, OR. m. 30-Aug-2003 Sara Katherine Stafford #1157, Portland, OR.


15. Migration Tracking Ball Robert Craig Hickman #30 (11.Anna3, 4.Veda2, 1.William1) b. 4-Nov-1948, Klamath Falls, OR, occupation University Professor, m. Sept. 8, 1979, in Arboritum, Portland, OR, Kathryn Diane Kruger #41, daughter of Elmar Wlilliam Kruger and Elizabeth Ann Parks #858.


i Benjamin Lyle Hickman #42 b. 6-Aug-1986, Eugene, OR.

ii Arthur William Hickman #43 b. 10-Aug-1991, Eugene, OR.


Fifth Generation

16. Charles Sawin White, Jr. #600 (12.Judith,4, 7.Charles3, 2.Minnie2, 1.William1) b. 9 Apr 1969, m. 27 Dec 1999, Helen Denise McKee #1232, b. 12 Mar 1975 in Brevard. NC.


i Elena Aria Sawin White #1233 b. 21 May 2003 in San Diego, CA.

ii Ian Hunter White #1234 b. 6 Feb 2006 in Norfolk,VA.


17. Andrew Fisher White #602 (12.Judith,4, 7.Charles3, 2.Minnie2, 1.William1) b. 5 Aug 1972.


i Dalton Fisher White #1230 b. 9 Oct 1999 in Annapolis, MD.

ii Hunter Evans White #1231 b. 20 Jul 2003 in Annopolis, MD.


Mark James BernerMarion Whittemore
18. Migration Tracking Ball Mark James Berner #36 (13. James4, 11. Anna 3, 4. Veda2, 1. William1)
b. 9-Mar-1962, San Francisco, CA, m. Marion Whittemore #1201 b. 17 Sep 1966, Gailsburg, IL.


i Lindsay #1206 b. 18 Jan 1990, Escondido, CA.
ii Katherine Dian #1202 b. 23 Aug 2005, Joshua Tree, CA.
Katherine (Katie) Dian

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