In Loving Memory of my Little Girl, LIL--
By Audrey Hall

She came into my life just 2 months short of sixteen years ago, Just at the time I was loosing my other little girl I had for fourteen years>>She not only moved into my home>> But totally took over my heart>>> We grew old together, She was the love of my life>>>>Now the memory of her will always be in my heart>>>>She was my girl>>>She was Jaime's first and only love>>She gave him three sons, who didn't leave home until age four years. The last four weeks of her life>>> We never left her side, We took care of her and made sure she knew she was loved, Of course it was under the watchful eye of Jaime>>>>>We hoped for a miracle, which was not to be, It was her time to go, Sat.11-22-03 at 7AM. I had to give her up and my heart was broken>>>>>>>Have had many dogs, But LIL was the only one who totally captured my heart>>>>>>>>>> Only Dog Lovers would understand>>>>> Others Don't Matter.

Sadly, Jaime joined Lil at on September 16, 2004. You can see his tribute by clicking on his name or picture.

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Portrait of an Angel

Lil's Pups; Brutus, Rocky and Junior
The Rainbow Bridge Poem

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